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These are the hidden and the secret smileys!

Skype 5.5 comes with these new, cool emoticons.

Icon Animated Icon Name Equivalents
High Five (highfive) (hifive) (h5)
Face Palm (facepalm) (fail)
Fingers Crossed (fingers) (fingerscrossed) (yn)
Lalala (lalala) (lala) (notlistening)
Waiting (waiting) (forever) (impatience)
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
Working From Home (wfh)
Check out this list of Skype Emoticons and Smileys - Enjoy!
Icon Animated Icon Name Equivalents
Smile :) :=) :-)
Skype Emoticons Sad Smile :( :=( :-(
Big Smile :D:=D:-D:d:=d:-d
Cool 8)8=)8-)B)B=)B-)(cool)
Wink :o:=o:-o:O:=O:-O
Crying ;(;-(;=(
Sweating (sweat)(:|
Speechless :|:=|:-|
Kiss :*:=*:-*
Tongue Out :P:=P:-P:p:=p:-p
Blush (blush):$:-$:=$:">
Wondering :^)
Sleepy |-)I-)I=)(snooze)
Dull |(|-(|=(
In love (inlove)
Evil grin ]:)>:)(grin)
Talking (talk)
Yawn (yawn)|-()
Puke (puke):&:-&:=&
Doh! (doh)
Angry :@:-@:=@x(x-(x=(X(X-(X=(
It wasn't me (wasntme)
Party!!! (party)
Worried :S:-S:=S:s:-s:=s
Mmm... (mm)
Nerd 8-|B-|8|B|8=|B=|(nerd)
Lips Sealed :x:-x:X:-X:#:-#:=x:=X:=#
Hi (hi)
Call (call)
Devil (devil)
Angel (angel)
Envy (envy)
Wait (wait)
Bear (bear)(hug)
Make-up (makeup)(kate)
Covered Laugh (giggle)(chuckle)
Clapping Hands (clap)
Thinking (think):?:-?:=?
Bow (bow)
Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
Whew (whew)
Happy (happy)
Smirking (smirk)
Nodding (nod)
Shaking (shake)
Punch (punch)
Emo (emo)
Yes (y)(Y)(ok)
No (n)(N)
Shaking Hands (handshake)

Skype Emoticons and Smileys, like all other Emoticons and Smileys, have evolved
over recent years. Initially they were simple graphics and about the same size as
the font text in the messaging service or website where they were being used.

Skype (skype)(ss)
Heart (h)(H)(l)(L)
Broken heart (u)(U)
Mail (e)(m)
Flower (f)(F)
Rain (rain)(london)(st)
Sun (sun)
Time (o)(O)(time)
Music (music)
Movie (~)(film)(movie)
Phone (mp)(ph)
Coffee (coffee)
Pizza (pizza)(pi)
Cash (cash)(mo)($)
Muscle (muscle)(flex)
Cake (^)(cake)
Beer (beer)
Drink (d)(D)
Dance (dance)\o/\:D/\:d/
Ninja (ninja)
Star (*)
Check out cool country flags Skype icons

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